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Welcome to the Lonely City

22 Sep


My name is Mike. It’s short for Michael. I got to the GTA two months ago and so far so good. The only thing missing is a love life. You’d think in a city of millions, I would have met at least one person I would connect with but it hasn’t happened.

Ok ok. I know what you’re thinking. “It’s only been two months”. Fair. But I’m a doer. I’m not going to sit back and wait for things to happen. I’m ready for love (or sex, they’re pretty much the same, right?).

What I’ve Tried So Far

Well, I’ve tried the Plenty of Fish route. So far, I’ve caught nothing but rubber boots. I tried OKCupid. Cupid’s quiver is now empty. In fact, because of me Cupid retired and took a cushy job at Match.com (some upper management position).

I’m ready to try something else.

My Experiment

It’s now time for action! This blog will chronicle my attempts to find love in this lonely city. Think Sex and the City x How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days/Dumb and Dumber.

Hopefully, You can learn from my mistakes. Hopefully, you can be a part of my mission.

This is operation: Find Love in Toronto.

Stay Tuned!

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