The Kensington Market Experiment

4 Oct


Good stuff. Yup.

Went down to Kensington market. It was pretty sweet. I’ll give you the lowdown in terms of potential for dating.

Here we go:

quality of women

Hey, not too bad! Although, my senses were blindsided by patchouli oil and dread wax.

Yes, it’s hipster central but the girls are cute and fashionable.


Alright. Kensington seems like a sweet place to bring a date. Lots of cool shops, coffee, beer. Everything you need to woo-a-bitch.

Problem: girls seem to come in packs. Gotta have a solid wingman. Still, met a few artsy girls. Very sweet.


I give Kensington Market 2.5 out of 4 as far as a place to meet the girl or guy lf your dreams.

As for me, the search continues.

Stay tuned for my public transit experiment.



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